About PoyoHair

PoyoHair is owned and operated by Connie, an independent hair stylist specialising in dazzling vivids, complicated colour correction and of course, bleaching!

Connie’s passion for hair and colour stems from the frustration of being a client herself, with a tight budget and a (then) limited understanding of her own hair. She craved the fairy floss pink hair she saw all over Instagram and would spend her full fortnightly pay getting it done. Except then she had to resort to DIY hair colour to fix the regrowth because she couldn’t afford to maintain it.

Connie of Poyo Hair, wearing a light pink top and black and pink tartan skirt. She is smiling and holding hairdressing scissors and Poyo Hair logo stickers.

She knows it can be confusing as a client, not knowing what to book in for, not knowing how to tell your hairdresser what you’re struggling with. Not to mention the overwhelming selection of products on the market – what’s right for you, what to pick, is this just a sales quota?

At PoyoHair, Connie strives to make hairdressing and haircare a transparent process where you feel heard. Every client who sits in her chair will be armed with all the information they need to make sure that they can maintain their beautiful hair every day. She is determined to create a change in the hair industry and establishing PoyoHair is step one.